So much to do….

There is so much to do and see in this region of the country.  You’ll need months to cover it all, so we split into interest groups so we can all see and visit with what holds our main interest.

Most of us went to the Warther Museum, where we all marveled at the amazing woodwork done almost 100 years ago by Mooney Warther.  The Museum was great, and the grounds peaceful and beautiful.  More than a few knives were sold too.

Others went to Keime Lumber, probably the biggest and best laid out hardware store anywhere.  Still others went to Lehman’s hardware store, much more nostalgia items on display.  Also, shopping for Amish and other local goods was popular.  Then there were the auctions…..  Suffice it to say we all had plenty of things to do.

We ended Friday with a dinner at the famous Mrs. Yoder Kitchen.  Got there early at 4:30PM, there was already a crowd waiting to get in.  Good thing the Gambles got reservations! A few pictures….