Pioneer Playhouse

Danville, KY

On July 3 our intrepid group went to the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, KY.

The Pioneer Playhouse was founded by a Col. Henson in 1950 and is the oldest outdoor theatre in Kentucky.  It has been called the “Granddaddy” of Kentucky Outdoor Dramas and  received national attention as the “King of Summer Stocks” in New York trade magazines. Many known and aspiring actors have strode acted on its stage.

Col. Henson built the theatre by acquiring many of the construction materials in unorthodox ways. He once bartered a fifth of whiskey for hand-hewn two hundred-year-old rafter beams and hired prisoners from the local county jail to help him lay the first foundations.  Today the unconventional, hand-built theatre serves a pre-show dinner out of doors and a live performance Tuesday through Saturday every summer.

We thoroughly enjoyed our BBQ dinner and the show “Drinking Habits 2” that followed.  The show was a spirited (pun intended) play on nuns, making wine, and putting on a play to raise money for the local orphanage.  Funny!