Big Bend, Part 2

On June 3 we visited Panther Junction and the Chisos Basin.  At Panther Junction included a fascinating Visitor Center, after which we moved on to The Basin and took a look at “The Window”, the visitor center, and the store. Several of us followed up sightseeing with dinner at the Candelilla Cafe at the Resort.

June 4 was another rest day and some of us had breakfast back at the Candelillia Cafe together.  Several of us also visited the Barton Warnock Visitor Center which consists of 99.9 acres and is known as the Lajitas Museum Desert Gardens.  The exhibits inside were really interesting. That evening there was an impromptu gathering and between RV’s and a good time.

On June 6 we had our last scenic drive to the Hot Springs Historic District. The abandoned Post Office and store was built in 1927.  A Motor-court was built in the mid 1920’s and charged $1 per night, $6 per week and 25 cents for a hot springs bath!  The rooms were rustic and had no running water.  We stopped at the High Sierra Grill for lunch/dinner on the way to camp. This was followed by a final dessert gathering in the evening. 

Jim Hoover and I really appreciated the way Steve, Duane and Patty stepped up and did a wonderful job planning our tours at Big Bend. A great time was had by all!

Susan Kercher

Big Bend, Part 1

5/31/21 – 6/7/21

We had 11 rigs along with two couples staying in the hotel for a great time in Big Bend.   The group got together for a meet and greet the afternoon of the 31st. It was great to see some long time members, some new members, and a prospective member. Our tours were arranged by our tour guides and new members, Steve Merriman and Duane and Patty Stow.

On 6/1 we started off with a great breakfast at The Chili Pepper Café.  After breakfast, we caravanned to the Castolon Historic District and the Santa Elena Canyon stopping at viewpoints along the way.  Castolon remains a memory of Big Bends’ pioneer and Calvary days.  There is a lot of history there. In Santa Elena Canyon, The Rio Grande is pretty low, but the natural rock walls on the Mexico side are so straight and tall and amazing. We saw ruins where a family lived with a still working water windmill and also saw the rocks called Mule Ears. 

Of course after a big day of sightseeing,  Steve made reservations for us all at the famous Starlight Theater.  The consensus was that it was a great place to eat and unique. Several picked up gifts in the gift shop as well.

6/2 was a rest day, so we could rest, swim or sight see on our own, followed by a cookout.  Everyone brought a dish to share, and we had several barbecues and barbecues.  After another great meal we had a big change of weather…fortunately we were all done with dinner!

Big Bend fine tuning

Hello Supremes,

Below is an email from Susan with an updated agenda for our Big Bend tag along. No major changes, just a little adjustment here and there. ‎As always, you can do as much or as little of it as you wish. A complete outline of the planned events can be found by clicking: 2021 Big Bend. This is also available from the main rally menu on the left, click on 2021 Big Bend Update #2. I am excited to see everyone there!

Vaya con Dios amigos!
James C. Hoover 

Email from Susan Kercher follows:

“Our tour guides have revised our agenda for Big Bend. The change is for June 1st. We have a reservation for 24 for brunch at the Chili Pepper and for dinner at the Starlight restaurants.  Please email Steve ( by Monday May 24th to let him know if you will be participating in the meals. 

Susan Kercher”

Big Bend Tag-a-long

Hello Traveling Supremes,

I am pleased to announce that we are planning a tag-a-long to Lajitas, TX just outside of Big Bend National Park. Please check out the posting under “Rallies ” > “Upcoming rallies”. Or, just click here:

There you will find the information that you need to make your reservation. ‎The days will be warm so the activities will include sightseeing and meals, but no strenuous hiking. The evenings should be pleasant. They also have a pool and clubhouse. If you have questions, call Susan or myself. 

PS: For all you eagle eyed RVers, the motor home shown on the Maverick Ranch RV Park home page is…. wait for it…. a Travel Supreme select!

Vaya con Dios amigos!
James C. Hoover