RV Tips

Slide seals

Hi folks, our TS coaches are getting older and are starting to need seal replacement. Dave and some of the surplus folks sell them for some nice prices, $7-8 per foot, not cheap. I bought mine from Uni-Grip the folks that made them for TS. They have an on-line catalog with illustrations and dimensions and will ship any quantity. The best thing is the pricing, about half of the retail price. Their contact info is, Uni-Grip Inc., 800-257-2289 or e-mail uni-grip@uni-grip.com.

Diesel filters

Here is a bit of useful information I found on this website http://www.dieselfiltersonline.com, and have ordered twice. I’ve ordered AC/Delco oil filters, Allison spin-on transmission filters, and AC/Delco air filters. These items cost at least 50% LESS than dealership prices. The Allison spin-on filter cost $50.35 from my GM dealer, yet only $9.95 from DieselFiltersOnline. Everything was GENUINE AC/DELCO and ALLISON parts. That’s a substantial savings. Those that perform their own maintenance on their vehicles may be able to use this source. Joe Schenk, Joe Marz, and myself combined an order that totaled $277.00 and received free shipping.

Travel emergencies

I recently witnessed an emergency situation handled by paramedics at a local golf course. We were eating a late lunch when one of the people at our table slumped over and became unconscious. EMS people arrived and soon had him stabilized. By chance, he had a friend there who knew his medical history (heart attacks, diabetic, and high blood pressure) and was able to help the paramedics save some valuable time in attending to him. He was rushed to a local hospital, diagnosed with heat stroke, and after spending the night, released in satisfactory condition.

I began thinking about RV travel emergencies and what prior preparation might be made to assist an EMS personnel in the event they were attending an out of town patient and/or someone who could not communicate with them at the moment. After looking on the internet and talking to the local EMS personnel, I have some partial solutions to this problem.

A: Carry a card in your wallet with your specific medical & personal info on it. This site will further explain where to keep it and help in creating one. http://www.medids.com/free-id.php

B; Use a medical alert bracelet. This is common procedure for diabetics

C; A key ring item such as a USB Flash drive. Commercial version http://www.medictag.com/index.htm, Homemade version http://www.ehow.com/how_2194339_digital-medical-alert-tag.html

D: Participate in the “File of Life” program. Life refers to (Lifesaving Information For Emergencies. At this site, https://www.vialoflife.com/vial_form.php, you can fill out on-line forms with your info, print them, get necessary decals, and get suggestions on how and where to keep them. “Vial of Life” is same program where info is kept in a large pharmacy drug vial. These “vials’ are usually available free at most pharmacies.

I subscribe to the blog, RV Net, and there is a posting there on this subject by a fellow RV’er who happens to be a paramedic. It’s worth a read. http://blog.rv.net/2008/03/03/when-everyone-doesnt-know-your-name/

Joe Moore