2018 Quartzsite

January 19th to 28th, 2018

We (Tina and I) plan to attend the 2018 Quartzite AZ RV show. The date of the show‎ is January 20th – 28th 2018. We have decided to invite others to tag along.  We made reservations for Jan 19th to the 29th at the Black Rock RV Park in Brenda about 17 miles from Quartzite. They run a shuttle over to the show several times a day. If anyone wants to go, ‎this will be a tag along. No agenda, no pot lucks, etc. Make your own reservation. Arrive and depart at your convenience.

If you even think you might want to go, call soon: 928-927-4206. Talk to Chris and tell her that you are with the Traveling Supremes. She is the group coordinator. You will have to put up a $50 deposit. You can get back $25 of it if you cancel within 3 days. The other $25 is non refundable.  For more information feel free to call, text, or email me.

Jim and Tina Hoover will head for Brenda, AZ on Jan. 16th spending the first night at the Fort Stockton RV park. Jan 17th will be at Hacienda RV in Las Cruces. Jan 18th will be at Butterfield RV in Benson AZ. We will arrive at Black Rock RV in Brenda on Jan. 19th.

As this is still a tag along feel free to plan your own route however you are welcome to travel along with us. Please contact me for questions or additional information. Thanks!

Contact Jim Hoover for more info.