Social Media

Today we are adding our Face Book Page to the blog.  So any post here will also be shown on our Face Book page.  So the first benefit of this is that any blog is now publicly available.  But more importantly, if you become a Friend on Face Book, you can also post on it!  So now you can alert people to places you’ve been, sights you’ve seen, and in general keep up to date with all members of the TS FB page.

So if you go to the TS Face Boo page ask to be a Friend and you will be connected real time to everyone else who is friends.  You will be able to let everyone know about special places to stay, where  not to go, whatever you think is important.

Think of this as sitting around a virtual fire sharing stories with your TS friends!  Give us a few days to fully implement this new feature, but we thought you may want to know.  You can reach the site at TS Face Book.

Service Feedback

Some time ago, we  received a request from an TS motor home owner (non TS member) about having the X-Bracing done.  We contacted him and gave him some information (I had it done on my TS).  I got this response from him today:

“I just had the X bracing done at Pauls RV in Wakarusa, Ind.  They got me in and worked on it immediately. I ended up staying in my coach while they worked on it. My windshields were so loose at top I could put my hand thru to the inside.

I had x\the X bracing done and windshield hoop, they know exactly what to do. My front cap mounting brackets at the bottom had come loose so they glassed them back in but my cap was still sagging so I suggested a generator hoop.
They raised the front cap and installed rectangular tubing under windshield and welded to the frame. It really made the front end a lot quieter.  So if i can be of any assistance to anyone in the Supremes please give them my number. 

I will be very happy to answer any questions.  Thank you for your earlier reply.

Kurt Kline

PS: Pauls RV management/workers includes former Travel Supreme and Precision Painting employees”

So our Internet presence has helped someone outside the club.  If someone wants to contact him let me know and I will give you his phone number.  I have suggested they join our club.  I thought this may be of interest to other club members because of the new contact for having work done on our Travel Supremes.


Two more rallies added

Two more rallies/tag alongs have been added in the sumer of 2018.  Together with the rallies immediately following, it promises to be a summer of travel fun and TS companionship!  Remember, full details on any of these rallies is available by selecting the “Upcoming Rallies” option on the left, then click on the place you are interested in.

Mt. Vernon, KY – No Host Tag along, June 28 through July 5th

This is a no-host Tag-Along. Renfro Valley is considered Kentucky’s Country Music Capital. There are weekly country, bluegrass, gospel and/or comedy shows. Additional nearby attractions include:

–Bittersweet Cabin Village in Mt. Vernon
–Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill — in Harrodsburg (47 miles)
— Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville (34 miles)
–Harlan Sanders Cafe & Museum (original KFC) — in Corbin (38 miles)

For more info, click here

Noah’s Ark and Creation Museum, July 5th through July 8th

This is a short no-host Tag-Along featuring opportunities for day trips to see the full scale replica of Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, KY (26 miles) and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY (77 miles). Both are special experiences you won’t want to miss!

For more information see the Rallies menu or click here

Mary Lang

Dear friends–

We are sad to report the passing of our sweet friend and fellow traveler, Mary Lang. She passed away on Tuesday after a brief fight with lung cancer, as well as other complications. The funeral visitation will be at St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home in Chalmette, LA, on Friday, September 8, from noon to 2, with services at 2 and followed by private burial service.

I have sent a memorial bouquet of flowers on behalf of the entire Traveling Supremes Club.

Gail Smith

Last gasp at Chama, NM

Pretty well everyone has left Chama, except for the Kerchers.  Everyone had a great time, especially enjoying the cool weather.  Make sure you check your schedule and plan to attend next year!

Also, a reminder to add your name to the “Following” list to make sure your automatically receive all notices, updates, and good other stuff.

Thanks to Linda Brian for the pictures





Some web changes

No more newsletter, search the blog!

The web has changed many things, including the way that  club news gets reported.  In the past, someone had to write a report on a rally, take the pictures, write it all up, and publish a news letter.  This was one of the most difficult things about doing a news letter… getting the rally reports.

But this is changing, with the advent of blogs.  Instead of a newsletter, information is updated ad hoc, or, whenever someone decides to write something.  You’ve seen some of this from the most excellent updates provide by Lou Butaud.  So instead of a newsletter, you get current updates anytime.  From now on, there will be no more newsletters mailed to you.

But, you may ask, how do I get all the info on any one event?  Well, that is why we added a Search box on the left menu bar.  Simply type in any word or words you want to search on, and all information with that word now is presented to you.   Yes, we will keep the historical rally reports, they are still all on the web site.  But for any recent event, use the search box.

Also, make sure you are set up to receive automatic updates when a post is issued.  That is how you stay up to date better than ever before.  So makes sure you enter your email address in the “Follow this blog” space.

President’s report

From Gail Smith.  This report is also shown under the “Officer’s Page”menu option.

Recently the news has been full of stories and allegations of prejudice, bigotry, racism, violence and other not-so-exemplary traits. It sometimes seems that the whole world is veering off course! It reminded me of a quote I read by Mark Twain, which he penned way back in 1869. He said:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness and many of our people need it sorely. Broad, wholesome, charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one’s own little corner of the earth!”

Maybe this is the reason that we meet so many nice people while traveling around in our RVs and camping with our Traveling Supremes friends. Join us on one of our upcoming rallies or gatherings or tag-alongs, and we will do our best to prove old Mark Twain’s theory to you!