2016/17 New Year Rally, P3

All good things must come to an end, even our New Years Rally.  We visited Goldwell Open Air museum, which was closed but still worth a visit.  Then we went to Rhyolite Ghost Town, and lunch in Beatty and lunch at the KC Outpost.  Some of us then went to Ash Meadows Refuge and then on to do a tour at the Opera House.

On the 11th the Hoovers went home, and the rest of the 14 of us went to lunch at the Furnace Creek Inn, followed by a tour of the magnificent historical hotel.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye and head for our respective homes (or next campsite).  Thanks to all for attending, and especially to Ted and Susan Kercher for setting up an excellent New Years Rally! To see the full report, click here.


From Gail Smith:

I recently heard from Dave and Deanne Phillips that as they were reading a website that they enjoy online, they discovered the following web site about RVing:  click here .  Please check this site out at your convenience.

So now we are in the spotlight and were singled out as an “RV Travel Club that they like“! We feel this is in part due to the fact that, after many months of hard work and research by our website team, we now have our new website up and running! We are having lots of traffic and many visitors, possibly due to our new location on Google’s search engine list.

Other news, however, is not so good. Two of our members are undergoing lung surgery in the latter part of January–Jim Hoover (on the 23rd) and Carol Butaud (on the 20th). Please keep both of them in your prayers and let them know we are here for them!

Hope to see you all in Bullard, TX in the spring!

Gail Smith, President

The new year is here


Well, 2017 is here (just) and our new web site is here.  A great big thanks to Bobbie Bayles, who so competently managed our web site all these years!    Our new web master is John Laninga, who can be reached via phone at 828-817-3737 or email at john@laninga.com.

A few notes:   If you click on the little blue “Follow Traveling Supremes” link in the left sidebar, you can enter your email address.  Then whenever there is a new update you will be notified.  Also, the little calendar in the left sidebar shows the date whenever a new post is added.  So you will always be up to date.

Also note that this web site will run well on a tablet or phone as well.  If you use a mobile device, you will see a small square in the top bar with three lines in it.  Touch this and you will get the menu selections.

Remember, this web site is as useful as you make it so feel free to send me pictures or articles for inclusion on the site.  Let’s make this a great year!