2015 Oklahoma gathering

Oklahoma Rolling Gathering, October 2015.

Hosts: Polks and Bobos

On Sunday morning most of the group headed north to the Country View RV park in Wagoner Oklahoma for our rolling gathering hosted by the Brians and the Bobos. There was a bring your own sandwich meal that evening to discuss the agenda for this leg of the trip. Monday morning we went to nearby Claremore Oklahoma to visit the Will Rogers memorial museum. Our host “Andy” educated us on the life and times of Will Rogers and I found out there was much I didn’t know about this man.

On Tuesday morning it was off again to Park Hill near Tahlequah OK to visit the Cherokee Heritage Center. Much of the museum concerns the infamous “trail of tears” in which many American Indians were forcefully relocated from the eastern part of the country to reservations near here. The trip was brutal and many did not make it.

After the museum we were led by a guide through a reconstructed village and learned much about the heritage and culture of the Cherokee people.

The next morning we were on the road again! This time it was Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma City. That evening after a meal of homemade gumbo and slaw prepared by Martha Bobo and Linda Brian we were entertained by Carolyn and Jerry, a couple who came by the park to check it out. I think it was Martha who talked them into performing for us and a good time was had by all.

One of the highlights of this whole gathering was our visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum that told the story of the bombing of the Murrah Federal building in 1995. We had the honor of being led by Bill Bobo’s Brother, Eddie who once worked in the Murrah building but had retired before the incident. He knew many of the victims and was in fact going to the area that day until he was called away to go elsewhere.

The rest of the time in Oklahoma City was spent in small groups seeing the sights. The area known as brick town was a popular place to eat lunch. It is an older part of town that actually does have some brick streets. They have canals with restaurants and shops along the way very much like the river walk in San Antonio.

Near brick town is a series of sculptures depicting the Oklahoma land rush in 1889. These figures are huge! They are at least double in size which makes you feel like you are in a land of giants as you walk among them! The markers also explained that some of the people went out and staked their claim before the rush was officially started. These people were known as “sooners” a term that exists today.

Pictures and Article submitted by: Jim Hoover