2016/17 New Years Rally, P1

The rally started on December 30th at the Hitching Post RV Park with the arrival of 7 rigs! Attending the rally: James and Gail Smith, Les and Ida Cook, Jim and Tina Hoover, Joe and Ardis Schenk, non-members Dale and Pat Pflanzer and hosts Ted and Susan Kercher. Pat and Marcie Bass arrived on December 31st. Unfortunately Deanne and Dave Phillips and Jerry and Hessie Smith had rig problems and had to cancel. That evening the group went to the campground restaurant for dinner and to catch up!

On New Years Eve James and Gail took off to explore the Strip and Downtown. Ardis and Joe went to the Lost City Museum, Dale and Pat went to a family wedding and some of us relaxed and visited with each other! In the evening we attended a dinner play at the D Hotel downtown. The show was “Marriage Can Be Murder”. The show was entertaining and several people in our group were part of the show. Les Cook went up on stage and did some dancing, Les and Ida had been married the longest at 51 years, Joe Schenk was a cop assigned to guard the evidence and Jim Hoover was a possible murder victim! The show ended at 8:00 and we were all home well before the stroke of midnight!

January 1, 2017 was a free day with only plans in the evening for dinner and chocolate! We had a nice dinner at the Sunset Station Casino Cafe! After dinner we drove to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. The factory has a 300+ cactus garden was supposed to still be lit with tons of Christmas lights. It was disappointing that the garden wasn’t ablaze with lights!

On January 2, 2017, 10 of us made it to the Valley of Fire, a beautiful Nevada State Park. Those that made the trip were the Hoover’s, the Smith’s, the Cook’s, the Bass’, and the Kercher’s. It’s a beautiful park and the wind and cold did not keep us from exploring the petroglyphs, the Mouse Tank, the Beehives, the Visitor Center and more. The Pflanzer’s and the Schenk’s needed to have some work done on their rigs so were unable to make the trip.

On January 3, 2017, the Schenk’s, the Pflanzer’s, the Hoover’s and the Kercher’s went to Hoover Dam and went on the power plant tour. We watched a video of the history of the Dam then took an elevator down 540 feet in 70 seconds to see what the water pipes look like and how the Dam was designed. Next we went down to the power generator room. On the Nevada side there are 8 generators and 9 on the Arizona side. From there they took us to the Visitor Center to look at exhibits and up to an overlook for picture opportunities. After the Dam tour, we were joined by Marcie and Pat Bass for lunch at the Rainbow Club.

The Schenk’s took in the Mob Museum in the afternoon after their hot water heater got fixed! The Schenk’s, the Hoover’s and the Pflanzer’s went to dinner at the Ellis Island Casino. While the Cook’s, the Smith’s and the Kercher’s decided to take in a show at the Excalibur Hotel, the Australian BeeGees which included a buffet dinner! We had a good dinner, the music was great and it was a fun tribute to the BeeGees!

The Hoover’s, the Smith’s, the Schenk’s, the Pflanzer’s and the Kercher’s went over to the campground Saloon for dessert/cocktails. We had a fun time and got to know everyone a little better!

January 4, 2017, the 7 rigs of Traveling Supremes made the 67 mile drive from Las Vegas to Pahrump, Nevada. We are staying at the Lakeside Casino and RV park! Today we were joined by Dennis and Paula Cicioni, friends of Ardis and Joe Schenk. After everyone got parked there was some mingling and then everyone met for dinner at the casino restaurant in the evening.

On January 5, 2017, the group of 16 went to Mom’s Diner for a great lunch! After lunch, we headed over to the Pahrump Valley Winery for wine tasting! 11 of us sampled 7 wines and then were invited to do a Winery tour. They showed us some of the vines, the oak barrels, the tanks and the machinery used for crushing, bottling, corking and labeling!

Next several members of the group drove out to Sheri’s Brothel for a tour! The young lady that took them on the tour was very frank and entertaining. They were shown the negotiation room where the contract with the girl is made. Each girl makes her own contract! Next they saw the bondage room and the spa room. They have a restaurant there that is open to the public! Apparently it was a very interesting and entertaining tour!

Everyone was on their own for dinner this evening


Article and pictures by Susan Kercher