First report, Business Meeting

From Susan Kercher’s Facebook post, with permission

Ted and I left Alabama last Friday afternoon. We spent that night in Mississippi and then two nights in West Monroe, Louisiana at our friends’ (Polk and Linda) home on their RV pad! On Monday we arrived in Onalaska, Texas with 12 other Traveling Supreme rigs! On Monday we had a group dinner, Tuesday we had lunch at Manny’s Shrimp Boat and then went to a very cool rock shop! Wednesday we had a member give a really interesting presentation on metal detecting, along with a boat ride on a pontoon boat for all interested members and another great meal fixed by our hosts! Today we headed to a Texas prison museum. It was very interesting and there are pictures of the great things the prisoners are capable of making.

Next stop was lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe! They have yummy dinner rolls and cornbread. Ted and I had salads and shared banana pudding pie! From there we went to the Sam Houston Museum. Our tour guide had tons of amusing anecdotes. A fun day, followed by a light supper at the clubhouse! Tomorrow we all head out for other adventures! Thank you Deanne and David Phillips, our great wagon masters!

Mary Lang

Dear friends–

We are sad to report the passing of our sweet friend and fellow traveler, Mary Lang. She passed away on Tuesday after a brief fight with lung cancer, as well as other complications. The funeral visitation will be at St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home in Chalmette, LA, on Friday, September 8, from noon to 2, with services at 2 and followed by private burial service.

I have sent a memorial bouquet of flowers on behalf of the entire Traveling Supremes Club.

Gail Smith

Some web changes

No more newsletter, search the blog!

The web has changed many things, including the way that  club news gets reported.  In the past, someone had to write a report on a rally, take the pictures, write it all up, and publish a news letter.  This was one of the most difficult things about doing a news letter… getting the rally reports.

But this is changing, with the advent of blogs.  Instead of a newsletter, information is updated ad hoc, or, whenever someone decides to write something.  You’ve seen some of this from the most excellent updates provide by Lou Butaud.  So instead of a newsletter, you get current updates anytime.  From now on, there will be no more newsletters mailed to you.

But, you may ask, how do I get all the info on any one event?  Well, that is why we added a Search box on the left menu bar.  Simply type in any word or words you want to search on, and all information with that word now is presented to you.   Yes, we will keep the historical rally reports, they are still all on the web site.  But for any recent event, use the search box.

Also, make sure you are set up to receive automatic updates when a post is issued.  That is how you stay up to date better than ever before.  So makes sure you enter your email address in the “Follow this blog” space.

Buena Vista, Quartzsite, more

Quartzsite 2018

The Quartzsite tagalong has been moved from the “Proposed” rallies section to the 2018 Upcoming Rallies.  Jim and Tina Hoover have worked hard on this, 8 coaches are signed up, it will be a great event!  Be sure to sign up soon if you are interested; click here for more information.

Buena Vista update

Picture of Hoovers and Butauds having lunch in Breckenridge at “The Lost Cajun ” restaurant. Easy day trip from BV. Drive from Buena Vista takes you through the towns of Fairplay and Alma. On the way, you go over Hoosier Pass at about 10,500 feet. Lots of shops and restaurants in Breckenridge. Trip was well worth the time.

Tomorrow, Jim and Lou will be “scouting” other RV parks in the BV area.  BV continues to impress with what it has to offer.


And more (edited)….

There was some misunderstanding in the original post here, about putting member names and emails on line.  That is NOT going to happen.  What we should have said is to find a way for members who want it to automatically be notified of any new posts.  This is already in our system, just click the “Follow” button (left side, under the menus), enter your email, and you will get the latest updates.  Your name will NOT be posted or otherwise used.  Don’t add your email, you won’t get updates.

Hope this clears up confusion based on my interpretation of the original request.

Member notes

From Linda Brian

Bill Water and Bobby Skinner

For those that knows Bill Water, a past president of our TS club, he found out he has kidney cancer and a few spots on his lungs. Wife Geneva has not been in good health for awhile so they both need you prayers.

For some of you who may not have heard, Bobby Skinner has passed away and was buried in Bay City this week. Keep Nancy in your prayers too as she now has much to take care of in Blooming Grove. Hope everyone else is doing ok and hope to see some of you in Chama or at a future rally/gathering.

Bill Water, picture taken January 2009 during Baton Rouge rally