2018 Business Meeting update


October 10-14, 2018
Cowtown RV Park, Aledo, TX

As posted in Rallies, the 2018 General Business Meeting and Rally will be held October 10-14, 2018 and hosted by President, Gail Smith. We will stay at the Cowtown RV Park, the address is 7000 Interstate 20 East (exit 418), Aledo, Texas. Spots are being held for us until September 15. You may reserve by calling 817-441-7878 and talk to Jaynie. She has a special section for 40-45 foot rigs. Rally rate is $31 per night and includes rally room.

There are obviously lots of fun things to do in the Fort Worth/Weatherford area. Tentative plans are to visit the Railhead Smokehouse for barbecue and music, have free time to visit the Texas State Fair or museum area of Fort Worth, take a Fort Worth tour by bus, including the Stockyards Parade, visit the Vintage Car museum and Chandor Gardens in Weatherford. Of course we will have our annual club financed catered meal at the business meeting, with lots of other good meals at restaurants, camp and more!

There will be no rally fee, although there may be a small charge for the bus and garden
tours. More details and reservations for tours when we are closer to the event.

For Cowtown RV Web site click here

Gail Smith

Amish Country Gathering

BERLIN, OHIO – JULY 8-15, 2018

Submitted by Irby and Judy Gamble

Well, folks it is getting closer and closer to our Amish Gathering. I talked to Scenic Hills yesterday and they tell me that 16 rigs have made reservations. They are holding 2 more sites for us and will hold them until May 8, all 50 amp. Please mention Travel Supremes and my name when making your reservation. After May 8, you might have trouble getting a site with the rest of us.

As most of you know, we go to Ohio’s beautiful Holmes County yearly and love it. Holmes County, Ohio is the largest settlement of Amish in the United States with a population of more than 40,000 Amish people. It is a beautiful area with many rolling hills and small farm agriculture.

The Gathering will begin July 8 and end July 15, 2018. We will be staying at Scenic Hills RV Park in Berlin, Ohio (their mailing address is Millersburg, Ohio 44654 and your GPS will take you directly to it, but it will take you through the back roads that are not great for pulling your rig. The RV Park is, actually, in the small town of Berlin and it would best best to put Berlin in your GPS and it will take you on better roads for RV’s. By going to the park website you can find all the information you will need to make your reservations and directions. Scenic Hills only accepts cash or checks and requires a $30.00 deposit that will be deducted from your total bill when you arrive. They must receive your $30.00 deposit no later than June 8, for them to hold your reservation.

This will be a very laid back gathering, as is true to the Amish lifestyle. We have lots and lots of information for everyone about things that we think you will love doing. Most of it will be more enjoyable in small groups, allowing all us to make our own plans. On the Saturday of our gathering (July 14) the Doughty Wise School Auction will be held. There will probably be over 1000 Amish people there auctioning off beautiful handcrafted furniture, quilts (my favorite), etc., along with lots of good fattening food and pastries. HALF-STITCHED THE MUSICAL is a first class play that will be performing July 11 and 12 in Sugarcreek and you can easily get tickets online. I have gone before and enjoyed it very much. We have gone to the Amish Country Theater (kind of a slapstick comedy and music) and we enjoyed it. A great way to spend the day is to just get in your vehicle and drive around the country side and see what you come across. Many of the Amish have stores and bakeries in their homes, produce and flower stands out side their homes and they are very interesting people to visit with. All this and much, much more is a close driving distance from our campground. We will have a list of things to do, along with brochures and driving distances for you when you get there.

Something else that some of you might be interested in is the Football Hall of Fame. It is in Canton, Ohio and that is only 44 miles from Scenic Hills.

There are two things that we plan to do as a group this year. One is to have dinner at the home of Naomi and Ray Yoder in Winesburg (Naomi is the daughter of our friends, Henry and Mary Yoder). We have sampled a few of Naomi’s dessert and I assure you that they are delicious. She cooks in her home for bus tours and other groups and caters Amish weddings. We think everyone will really enjoy this event. We, also, plan to eat as a group one night at Mrs. Yoder’s Restaurant in Mt. Hope. This is one of our favorite places to eat.

Last, but not least, don’t forget Millers Bakery and all the great Amish cooked family style restaurants such as Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen, Boyd and Wurthmann, Der Dutchman and Berlin Homestead, for just a few. I must warn you though that these places offer very little low calorie food. Personally, I think that everyone attending should lose at least 15 lbs. before we go and eat our way back up.

Below is the list of persons that have reservations – I got this list from Scenic Hills yesterday:

Irby and Judy Gamble
Joe and Ardis Schenk
Bernie and Carol Lezell
Jim and Tina Hoover
Jerry and Jane Smith
Les and Ida Cook
John and Romola Laninga
Glen and Carol Richmond
Pete and Deb Horvath
Joe and Sue Kelly
Ron and Carol Page
Leo and Carolyn Fitzpatrick
David and DeAnn Phillips
Martha and Bill Bobo
James and Gail Smith
Dave Evans

We will be sending you, in the near future, our schedule for the week via email, along with the price for dinner at Naomi and RayYoders.

God’s Traveling Grace to all of you – Judy and Irby Gamble

Scenic Hills RV Park Information:

4483 Township Road 367
Millersburg, Ohio 44654



Wagon Master update

A Wagon Master Update has been posted in the Officers Page.  You may access it by clicking here or just reading below:

“Aww – Spring! Winter is in our rear-view mirror and it’s time to plan our summer outings. As more and more people are purchasing RV’s, there are increasing difficulties finding available openings at RV parks – be it for overnight stays or longer durations. The difficulties intensify over the summer and holidays. The Traveling Supremes have a jam-packed summer schedule of Gatherings and Tag-Alongs. Spaces have been set aside at each of the parks where we plan to stay. But – these spaces are limited and availability will terminate about a month before the scheduled event. So, act now! Check out the “Future Rallies” section of TravelingSupremes.com for details on reservations. Make your reservation and join us in the summer fun.

Our summer will fly by and before we realize it, Fall will be upon us. In October, James and Gail Smith will be hosting our annual Traveling Supremes Business Meeting. This is an event that is important to attend as well as one that is always packed with things to do. And, of course, there’s always YUMMY FOOD!

We don’t yet have hosts for the 2018/19 New Year’s Rally. Suggestions for places and parks might include Stella Mare RV Resort, a new park in Galveston; Johnson Creek RV Resort in Ingram; The Vineyards at Fredericksburg RV Park in Fredericksburg; Judge Felix Poche Plantation RV Park in Convent, LA; Poche’s RV Park and Fish-N-Camp in Breaux Bridge, LA. These are only a few possibilities to stimulate ideas! In order for us to have this popular event, it is necessary for someone to step forward to host. No Volunteers = No New Year’s Rally. Call, text or email me and volunteer. The Club needs you!”

Deanne Phillips, VP and Wagon Master

Business meeting 2018


From Gail Smith

The 2018 General Business Meeting and Rally will be held October 10-14, 2018 in Aledo, Texas (just west of Ft. worth).  It will be hosted by James and Gail Smith. We will stay at the Cowtown RV Park, 7000 Interstate 20 East (exit 418), Aledo. They are holding spots for us until September 15. You may reserve by calling 817-441-7878 and ask for Janie. She is aware of details for us especially for those with larger rigs. She has a special section for 40-45 foot rigs. Our rally rate is $31 per night and includes rally room. We will forward itinerary and activity details later, but there should be lots of fun things to do in this area!

New Years Agenda posted

Hope you’re getting excited about our New Years Gathering, because it’s gonna be the best one ever!  Lots of rigs are signed up and the hosts have been hard at work on the Agenda.   And it is a great one, with lots of activities for one and all.

There will be fun, frivolities, companionship, and some serious historical visits.  And not to forget food…. and food…. and food.  Diets are to be checked in on arrival and may be reclaimed after the Rally.

So check out all the activities, and if you haven’t signed up yet do so quick.  We just want to sure that everyone that wants to attend will have a space.   Full details under the Main Menu, go to Rallies, Upcoming Rallies,  and the 2018 New Year page.  Or, just click here

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Social Media

Today we are adding our Face Book Page to the blog.  So any post here will also be shown on our Face Book page.  So the first benefit of this is that any blog is now publicly available.  But more importantly, if you become a Friend on Face Book, you can also post on it!  So now you can alert people to places you’ve been, sights you’ve seen, and in general keep up to date with all members of the TS FB page.

So if you go to the TS Face Boo page ask to be a Friend and you will be connected real time to everyone else who is friends.  You will be able to let everyone know about special places to stay, where  not to go, whatever you think is important.

Think of this as sitting around a virtual fire sharing stories with your TS friends!  Give us a few days to fully implement this new feature, but we thought you may want to know.  You can reach the site at TS Face Book.

Service Feedback

Some time ago, we  received a request from an TS motor home owner (non TS member) about having the X-Bracing done.  We contacted him and gave him some information (I had it done on my TS).  I got this response from him today:

“I just had the X bracing done at Pauls RV in Wakarusa, Ind.  They got me in and worked on it immediately. I ended up staying in my coach while they worked on it. My windshields were so loose at top I could put my hand thru to the inside.

I had x\the X bracing done and windshield hoop, they know exactly what to do. My front cap mounting brackets at the bottom had come loose so they glassed them back in but my cap was still sagging so I suggested a generator hoop.
They raised the front cap and installed rectangular tubing under windshield and welded to the frame. It really made the front end a lot quieter.  So if i can be of any assistance to anyone in the Supremes please give them my number. 

I will be very happy to answer any questions.  Thank you for your earlier reply.

Kurt Kline

PS: Pauls RV management/workers includes former Travel Supreme and Precision Painting employees”

So our Internet presence has helped someone outside the club.  If someone wants to contact him let me know and I will give you his phone number.  I have suggested they join our club.  I thought this may be of interest to other club members because of the new contact for having work done on our Travel Supremes.