2017 Canton Trade Days

Canton Trade Days Gathering, Canton, TX

Wednesday April-26-Sunday 30th, 2017 Linda and Polk

This is truly a gathering which will be held prior to the Bushmans’ Camp at Bullard, Texas. Each is a stand-alone gathering making it optional for you to attend one or both. When the Canton Trade Days is over on Sunday, we’ll move to Bullard which is about 35-40 miles away to join Myrna and Billy Braly.

If you are wondering what Canton Trade Days means, it is a huge Flea-market, antiques, new goods, shop-till-you-drop experience. Having our rigs on the grounds of the many acres allows you to get back and take a break. They do have many eateries as well as anything and I mean anything that you might want to buy, rows and rows of venders with new and used goods.

You will be required to call Canton on your own (903) 567-6556 on APRIL 4th!!! Yes, on April the 4th at 8:00 AM and speed dial until you get someone. This may take several minutes up to an hour. They have both 50 amp. and 30 amp. and water. You will be parking back to back and front to front in a close setting. Ask for a spot in front of the Civic Center, the big blue building. If you have others wanting to go, it is best if one person calls for all and you may ask for two of your sites to face each other, that is what Polk and I will be doing with some of our local members. This will allow a place to gather and cook breakfasts.

We’ll eat out at a couple of our special places for our evening meals and have snacks one night.

The camping fee is $90 for a minimum of three nights. Have your credit card ready. Since they don’t rent the same spot out to others if you leave, you can be there for the weekend and sometimes not have to pay extra for the other nights if you arrive early, but we have had them ask for us to pay. You do want to get there on Tuesday or Wednesday since it is easier to get into your site. Coming in on Thursday afternoon or especially on a Friday will make it difficult for you to get into your site especially if you have a big rig.