Bylaws and wordy things

Oooh! Legal stuff!  Our bylaws.

Like all legal documents, our bylaws are somewhat lengthy.  To save space and make it more self-standing, our bylaws may be found by clicking Bylaws

Our Rally notes.

Part 1: All rally attendees must have registered and paid required deposit by deadline set by rally host. Guests are required to add a $20 surcharge per rig to the rally fee after the first visit. (Passed in Executive session 8/20/11)

Part 2: The Executive Committee would encourage (or recommends) rally hosts who have limited sites for their rally, set a beginning date for registration for members and a later date for guests, allowing members first choice to attend a rally. (Executive committee meeting 8/20/11)

Part 1: A refund equal to the full deposit minus any committed or non-refundable expenses incurred for a rally will be paid for a cancellation that occurs at anytime. Cancellation must be made by email, telephone or letter to the rally host/hostess. Rally host/hostess will then approve the refund and authorize the club treasurer by email or letter to refund the uncommitted portion of the deposit. (Adopted at the Executive Meeting 11/17/07)

Part 1: The club will not purchase alcoholic beverages to be served at club functions (Passed in Executive session 3/26/07)

Part 1: Members not paying dues on or before January 1st of any year should be notified by Treasurer after 30 days. They will be dropped from the club roster if payment is then not received by April 1st of that year.

Part 2: As TS members, you may now invite non-TS owners as new members in the same manner as the by-laws states for accepting TS owners, which is they must be self-contained and be a hard sided rig. (Approved by the executive Committee on 12/31/09 by the authority of the updated constitution.)

Part 1: Flowers/memorial expenses will be limited to $50 for club members, spouse, mother, father, or children.(Passed at the Executive Meeting 11/17/07)

Part 1:Posting of medical information on the web and in the newsletter will come from immediate family. (Executive Committee meeting 8/20/11)

Part 2: The new sign-in sheet to gatherings and rallies will contain a column for an emergency number and contact person. (Executive Committee meeting 8/20/11)