Officer’s corner

Officers: Treasurer Bud Odom, Secretary Susan Kercher, Second VP Jerry Smith, Wagon Master and VP Deanne Phillips and President Gail Smith.

Gail Smith, President.

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I recently read an article that I have to share with you. When I read it, I could not stop thinking about how it fits our travel club and our many adventures together. It was entitled “Feeling Awe!”

Based on a recent study at the University of California, Berkeley, psychologists have defined awe as “the feeling of being in the presence of something vast or beyond human scale, that transcends our current understanding of things”. It can be that feeling you get when you see a meteor shower, or the Grand Canyon, hear the National Anthem, or hold a newborn child. To be “awestruck” is to experience an emotion that scientists now believe has the power to heal, inspire, change our thinking and bring people together!

Forget about those “emojis” and like buttons on Facebook or Messenger. Forget about the characters in the movie “Inside Out”. AWE is what we are looking for. And our little band of TS members found it on the latest rally out West. We found it in the Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas. We found it when we went “Over the Hump to Parumph, NV” where we camped in a 360 degree ring of mountains, and we found it in Death Valley, amidst the beauty of the Mojave Desert. Come with us on our next adventure—GET YOU SOME OF THIS AWE! You won’t be sorry!

Deanne Phillips, VP & Wagon Master

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We just completed two great Gatherings. In Canton we shopped until we almost dropped and in Bullard we ate until we almost popped. Special shout-outs to Polk and Linda Brian for hosting the Canton Gathering and to Billy and Myrna Braly for hosting the Bullard Gathering. Great jobs!

Summer is just around the corner and it brings more activities for Traveling Supremes members. We have three Tag-Alongs–one in June at Buena Vista, CO and two in July (Ruidosa, NM and Sault Ste Marie, MI). August features a Gathering in Chama, NM.

In September we will have our annual Business Meeting Rally. This year it will be held on Lake Livingston in Onalaska, TX (between Huntsville and Livingston, TX). And our traditional New Year’s Gathering is scheduled for Coleto Creek KOA between Victoria and Goliad, TX.
We already have some 2018 scheduled activities. Reservations are open for a January 2018 Tag-Along in Quartzite, AZ. Block your calendar for other scheduled activities in March, 2018 (Llano, TX for the Earth Art Festival and Rock Stacking Championship) and two back-to-back Gatherings in July, 2018 (Berlin, Ohio for Ohio Amish Country and Elkhart, Indiana for more Amish and the area considered as the RV Capital of America). Watch for reservation information to come later in the year for these and other 2018 activities.

Check out the Future Rally section for specific information regarding all of the above Tag-Alongs, Gatherings and Rallies. We have exciting places to go and sights to see as together, we Travel Supremely! See you there!!

Jerry Smith, 2nd Vice President

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Bud Odom, Treasurer.

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Susan Kercher, Secretary

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