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Officers: Treasurer Bud Odom, Secretary Susan Kercher, Second VP Jerry Smith, Wagon Master and VP Deanne Phillips and President Gail Smith.

Gail Smith, President.

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Gail Smith

We just returned from a chilly New Year’s Rally in Goliad and Victoria, Texas. We heated it up with food, fellowship, ugly sweaters, crazy hats, and lots of Texas History. Thanks to hosts, David and Deanne Phillips, and all those who assisted them. It was awesome!

We also had a comedy routine about aging. It was fun but also makes you think about getting older. We are all so fortunate if we can travel and see the country, but we also know we are more limited each year by our abilities (and disabilities). What’s the answer? DO WHAT YOU WANT and do it for as long as you can! Come travel with us–it’s great medicine for whatever ails you!

Deanne Phillips, VP & Wagon Master

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“Autumn is the perfect time to take account of what we’ve done, what we didn’t do and what we’d like to do next year.”
–Author unknown.

I recently ran across this quote and thought now would be an appropriate time to reflect on our Traveling Supremes Club events. Our Club events fall into three categories: Rallies, Gatherings and Tag-Alongs. Rallies and Gatherings are hosted by Club members who plan meals and things for us to see and do. The major difference between the two are that Rallies have a Rally fee which is pre-paid by attendees; then, money is reimbursed to the hosts for food expenses when they prepare meals. At Gatherings hosts generally provide meals at their own expense or charge a small fee at the event to help off-set the food expenses. Hosts for Tag-Alongs arrange for the camping site and meals/activities are not provided or organized.

At our September Annual Business Meeting it was announced that for Rallies and Gatherings the Club, if requested, would reimburse up to $5 per attending rig for receipted meal expenses when a meal is prepared by the host or attendee. Why do this for Rallies when a fee is pre-paid by attendees? The Rally fee is available for host reimbursement. The $5/rig money would be available for additional meals not provided by the hosts (example: someone other than the hosts volunteers and cooks breakfast for everyone).

Over the past several years our Club has seemed to gravitate toward mostly Gatherings but I’d like to encourage more Rallies. Granted, Rallies take more host preparation but major advantages are no cost for the hosts and lower costs for attendees.

No cost for hosts? How? Plan the menu(s). Go shopping and price food needed. Divide the total cost amount by estimated number of attendees and that is the per-person Rally fee which attendees send in to our Treasurer. Keep the itemized food receipts and submit for reimbursement! Still a bit unsure? Give me a call and we’ll work out the Rally fee together.

Lower costs for attendees? For example, costs at our Annual Business Meeting Rally, which our Club sponsors, was $13.83 per/person. Not bad for three meals! Lower costs might increase attendance. The more people we have attending, the more fun we have.

So — take on the challenge and host a Rally!!


Jerry Smith, 2nd Vice President

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Bud Odom, Treasurer.

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Susan Kercher, Secretary

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