2022 Custer South Dakota

Hello Supremes,

At Chama and also at the business meeting we discussed a tag along to Custer South Dakota immediately following the Chama gathering next year (2022). We will be staying at Broken Arrow Campground. Some of us will check in Sept. 2nd. I plan to stay 7 days but since it is a tag along, some may stay longer. If you are interested, you need to call very soon as this area is a very popular destination. The cancellation policy is fairly generous so please don’t delay if you even think you may want to go. Call 605-517-1964 to speak the owners,  Daniel or Vicki and be sure to tell them you are with the Traveling Supremes. Rates will be in the $47 per night range after discount and tax. Please call me if you want more information before you call. See you there!

James C. Hoover Jr.

Mount Rushmore
Bison in Custer State Park!