2021 Big Bend

Big Bend Tag-a-long
Tentative Agenda

The Big Bend planners are getting excited to see all the Traveling Supremes at Big Bend National Park…May 31 is just around the corner!  Below is an outline of some things we have planned to do. Please feel free to participate as much or as little as you would like. We also have scheduled rest days as you will see so that you may do other things, shopping, enjoy the facilities or just rest 😉! 

Monday May 31:  ABC Meet and Greet-approximate time 4:30

A(appetizer to share B(beverage C(chair – this may or may not be needed depending on weather.  We will also discuss the agenda and copies will be provided if you do not have one. 

Tuesday June1:  Road trip – REVISED

Leave campground 9:00 a.m. and have brunch in Study Butte at the Chili Pepper at 9:30.  After lunch travel to Castalon, stopping at viewpoints. On the way back we will have dinner at Starlight Restaurant in Terlinqua at 4:45. We have reservations at both restaurants. 

Wednesday June 2:  Rest day & Steak night

Today you are on your own but we thought it might be fun to have a steak night. If each rig would bring a dish to share and your meat to cook, that would be great. Since we have a large group, if anyone has a grill to share (campground does not have one for us), it will be appreciated. We have two so far. 

Thursday, June 3:  Road Trip!

Leave campground 9 a.m. for Panther Junction stopping for pictures/history.  They also have a 15-minute Ranger Movie there that is interesting.  We will then go to the Chisos Basin for lunch and to look around.  Then we will head back to Lajitas for dinner and/or the campground to eat on your own. 

Friday, June 4:  Rest Day!

Saturday, June 5:  Road Trip! 

Leave campground at 11:00 to Study Butte for lunch and then we will travel to the Rio Grande Village, stop at Dugout Wells to look around and head back to Chisos Basin for dinner.  After dinner back to campground. 

Sunday, June 6:  Rest Day and ready for travel!

Monday, June 7:  Travel Day!

Your tour guides:  Steve Merriman and Duane and Patty Stowe.   Note:  if you plan to eat at the Chili Pepper and Starlight with us, please RSVP Spcmerriman@yahoo.com