2018 Business Meeting

September 10, 2018 Aledo, Texas

President Gail Smith called the meeting to order and a quorum was established by acting secretary, Myrna Braly.  There were 24 members in attendance. Gail Smith led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States.Gail Smith requested a motion to forego the reading of the minutes from the September 27, 2017 business meeting at Onalaska. She had read them and found the minutes in good standing. Polk Brian made a motion and Marie Moreau seconded. The motion carried.

Wagon Master Deanne Phillips had no news to report. She did stress the need for members to review the sign-up sheets for upcoming rallies that Jim Hoover had prepared. Jim Hoover gave a report on the New Year’s rally that he and Tina will host. The rally is December 28, 2018-January 2, 2019 in Fredericksburg, Texas. For more info, click New Years .  There  was discussion on events to occur during the rally. Jim, also, asked members to look over the sign up sheets for up coming rallies with “intentions” to attend.

Gail encouraged husbands to read the newsletter and agendas for upcoming rallies. Gail reported that the Executive Board decided that rally reports will be prepared for the website by Webmaster John Laninga, if he is in attendance and by News Editor Linda Brian, if she is in attendance, and if one or both of them are absent, the Wagon Master will be responsible for assigning someone to prepare these essential reports for our club. PLEASE BE WILLING TO ASSIST with this if you are called upon. Please continue to send photos whenever possible to both John and Linda for their use. Gail stressed how important these two lines of communication are to the success of our club.

2nd Vice President Jerry Smith reported that our membership had increased by 2 couples. Greg and Maggie Nordyke (friends of the Braly’s) Bullard, Texas and Rob and  Mary O’Hara, who we met during the Chama gathering in August, from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Name tag hangers for the newly installed officers will be exchanged after the meeting. Gail ask Jerry to send his information and supplies to Bill Bobo and ask Bill to order tag hangers for News Editor Linda Brian and Web Master John Laninga.

Treasurer Bud Odom gave the treasurer’s report stating we had $5,736.24 unencumbered in the treasury. John Laninga made a motion to accept the report as given and Hessie Smith seconded. The motion carried. Bud gladly welcomes club dues for 2019.

Gail reported that our website caught the attention of prospective members, Larry and Diana Grange from Wisconsin. They have a Traveling Supreme motor home and have joined us for several events during this rally. They were very impressed with TS website! Hats off to Webmaster John Laninga. We have a following of 125 on our website.
James Smith, nominating chairman, presented the slate of officers for 2018-2020. There were 26 affirmative ballots received by Secretary Susan Kercher to accept the slate of officers:

Susan Kercher, President;
Jim Hoover, 1st Vice President/ Wagon Master;
Bill Bobo, 2nd Vice President;
Myrna Braly, Secretary; and
Bud Odom, Treasurer.

James Smith made a motion to accept the slate and Ida Cook seconded. The motion carried. President Gail Smith read a note from Susan Kercher, newly elected President, expressing her regrets for missing our General Business Meeting. She thanked everyone and stated the “she had big shoes to fill and I look forward to doing my best to fill them and I hope I will have a lot of help from the past boards and you, our members. Jim Hoover, as Wagon Master also has some big shoes to fill and we all need to give him a hand in planning a gathering next year.” Gail had discussed with Susan her duties as President as stated in our By Laws Article V, Section 2. Susan wholeheartedly accepted! The new officers were duly installed along with Linda Brian, News Editor and John Laninga, Webmaster. Gail had 2 lovely surprise baskets for giveaways. Jim Hoover did the honors of drawing and the lucky winners were Tandy Krugler and Billy Braly.

Linda Brian made a motion to adjourn and Polk Brian seconded the motion. The motion

Myrna Braly Acting Secretary for Susan Kercher