Some web changes

No more newsletter, search the blog!

The web has changed many things, including the way that  club news gets reported.  In the past, someone had to write a report on a rally, take the pictures, write it all up, and publish a news letter.  This was one of the most difficult things about doing a news letter… getting the rally reports.

But this is changing, with the advent of blogs.  Instead of a newsletter, information is updated ad hoc, or, whenever someone decides to write something.  You’ve seen some of this from the most excellent updates provide by Lou Butaud.  So instead of a newsletter, you get current updates anytime.  From now on, there will be no more newsletters mailed to you.

But, you may ask, how do I get all the info on any one event?  Well, that is why we added a Search box on the left menu bar.  Simply type in any word or words you want to search on, and all information with that word now is presented to you.   Yes, we will keep the historical rally reports, they are still all on the web site.  But for any recent event, use the search box.

Also, make sure you are set up to receive automatic updates when a post is issued.  That is how you stay up to date better than ever before.  So makes sure you enter your email address in the “Follow this blog” space.

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