Last gasp at Chama, NM

Pretty well everyone has left Chama, except for the Kerchers.  Everyone had a great time, especially enjoying the cool weather.  Make sure you check your schedule and plan to attend next year!

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Thanks to Linda Brian for the pictures





Some web changes

No more newsletter, search the blog!

The web has changed many things, including the way that  club news gets reported.  In the past, someone had to write a report on a rally, take the pictures, write it all up, and publish a news letter.  This was one of the most difficult things about doing a news letter… getting the rally reports.

But this is changing, with the advent of blogs.  Instead of a newsletter, information is updated ad hoc, or, whenever someone decides to write something.  You’ve seen some of this from the most excellent updates provide by Lou Butaud.  So instead of a newsletter, you get current updates anytime.  From now on, there will be no more newsletters mailed to you.

But, you may ask, how do I get all the info on any one event?  Well, that is why we added a Search box on the left menu bar.  Simply type in any word or words you want to search on, and all information with that word now is presented to you.   Yes, we will keep the historical rally reports, they are still all on the web site.  But for any recent event, use the search box.

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President’s report

From Gail Smith.  This report is also shown under the “Officer’s Page”menu option.

Recently the news has been full of stories and allegations of prejudice, bigotry, racism, violence and other not-so-exemplary traits. It sometimes seems that the whole world is veering off course! It reminded me of a quote I read by Mark Twain, which he penned way back in 1869. He said:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness and many of our people need it sorely. Broad, wholesome, charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one’s own little corner of the earth!”

Maybe this is the reason that we meet so many nice people while traveling around in our RVs and camping with our Traveling Supremes friends. Join us on one of our upcoming rallies or gatherings or tag-alongs, and we will do our best to prove old Mark Twain’s theory to you!

Added Rallies

The following information can also be found in the Rallies > Upcoming Rallies menus.

2018 Buena Vista, Colorado Tag-Along

August 8 (arrival) thru August 11, 2018 (departure)
Mount Princeton RV Park
30380 Co Rd 383
Buena Vista, CO

This will be a no-host Tag-Along for those of us who wish to extend their summer vacation after the Elkhart, IN Gathering. Lou Butaud has blocked 5 sites at Mount Princeton RV Park. You may call now for reservations. No deposit will be necessary at this time as the park will call you in February, 2018 to confirm your reservation. At that time, you’ll be asked to make a deposit.

There are numerous places to visit and explore between Elkhart and Buena Vista. Some of these include:

  • Amana Colonies, Iowa (7 colonies plus a Passport America RV Park)
  • St. Louis (take a bus tour of the city and ride up the arch)Lake of the Ozarks (between St. Louis & Kansas City – lots of activities)
  • Kansas City (see a Kansas City Royals baseball game – Worlds of Fun Amusement Park has a good RV park)
  • Omaha (RV parks at the casino across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa and at a city park beside the Missouri River in Bellevue – walk across a pedestrian bridge over the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa)
  • Denver (see a Denver Rockies baseball game)
  • Colorado Springs (visit the Air Force Academy and get reservations to ride the cog train up Pikes Peak)

2018 Chama, NM Tag-Along

August 12 (arrival) thru August 19, 2018 (departure)
Sky Mountain Resort RV Park
2743 US-84
Chama, NM 87520

This will be a No Host Tag-Along. Some of us consider Chama as a second home to avoid the summer heat and will plan to arrive earlier and/or stay later. Make your reservations as soon as you can as Sky Mountain always fills up rapidly. The laid-back Chama style is a great way to relax and enjoy the cool mountain weather along with the comradely of fellow Traveling Supreme members.


Tagalong added July 2019

2019 – Buena Vista, Colorado

Ten spots are reserved for July 21-27, 2019! We’ve received exciting reports about the many things to do & see in the area. And who doesn’t want to experience the cool summer Colorado weather! Mark the dates on your calendar, make your reservations (mention you want one of the sites blocked by Lou Butaud) and plan on attending the Buena Vista Gathering.

Mt. Princeton RV Park
30380 Co Rd 383
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Hosts: Lou & Carol Butaud and Jim & Tina Hoover

View along the road in Buena Vista

Ruidoso, NM Tagalong

From Lou Butaud

Four rigs arrived in Ruidoso, NM on August 1 to kick-off the Tagalong. Les and Ida, Don and Kathy, and Richard and LuRae joined Carol and Lou at the RV Resort which sits at an elevation of 6,950 feet.

Ruidoso has always had a reputation as a quiet, serene summer getaway with cool temperatures. However, it offers much more for anyone interested in digging a little deeper. We found many historic and recreational opportunities. Just a short drive away is Alamogordo and White Sands National Monument and the New Mexico Museum of Space History. Capitan, Ft Stanton and Lincoln offer more sightseeing opportunities. Lincoln was the stomping grounds for Billy The Kid. Fort Stanton features over 155 years of history.

About 45 minutes away is Carrizozo and the Valley of the Fires – the youngest lava flow in the continental US. White Oaks is an old mining town north of Carrizozo. I could go on but why not visit Ruidoso and bring a Tag A Long of your own. We tried to take it all in but could not. We took some time to just chill. RV sites can be hard to come by so planning ahead is a must.