More new stuff added!

Two new items are added today.  The first is the Wagonmaster Report, and the second is the announcement of the 2017/18 New Years Gathering.

You can find the Wagonmaster Report under the menu “Officer Page” and scrolling down to the report.

Details of the 2017/18 New Years Gathering can be found by clicking on the “Rallies” menu down arrow, then on Upcoming Rallies, and then on the 2017/18 New Years Gathering link.  Or, to make it easy on you, just click here.


New reports added

Just added are the rally reports from Canton Trade Days and Bushman’s Camp.  You can find them  by clicking on the down arrow in the “Rallies” tab, then “Past Rallies” in the menu on your left.

Also, just added a picture of our officers, who work so hard so we can all have a good experience with the Traveling Supremes.  You can find the picture under “Officer’s Corner”, and also here:

Officers: Treasurer Bud Odom, Secretary Susan Kercher, Second VP Jerry Smith, Wagon Master and VP Deanne Phillips and President Gail Smith.

Thanks to all who participated, and sent pictures and reports.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

(A note from your webmaster – we were out of country with limited internet for 6 weeks so I got behind on my blog and web site additions.  But they’re coming, stay tuned!)

2016 was a good year with good times and memories for the Traveling Supremes. Special thanks to Ted and Susan Kercher for hosting the New Year’s Rolling Rally in Las Vegas, Pahrump and Death Valley. I loved seeing the photos on Facebook. Looks like it was another good Traveling Supremes experience.

2017 promises to bring many more good times and future good memories. I’m ready to get started. Are you?

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Let’s forget about the boring standard ones (lose weight, exercise more, write the novel, win the lottery, etc.) and make some special Traveling Supremes resolutions.

  • Resolution #1: Attend TS Rallies and Gatherings. And do we ever have some outstanding ones coming up. Tag-Along in March to the Passport America Rally in Tucson, AZ. In April we will travel to Canton, TX for the Trade Days and immediately following will travel to Bullard, TX at Bushman’s Camp Gathering. Summer brings us to Buena Vista, CO, Ruidoso, NM and Chama, NM. Our annual TS Business Meeting Rally will be held in September followed by a Kentucky trip to see the lifesize replica of Noah’s Ark. Check out the Future Rallies section of this newsletter for specifics and hosts. Join us!
  • Resolution #2: Did you see your name in the Future Rallies section? How about resolving to put it there by hosting a Rally or Gathering. If you’re unsure or would like someone to help host, get with me. We can make it happen!
  • Resolution #3: Spread the word about our Traveling Supremes Club. We have a super new website. Check it out and refer friends, old and new, to give us a look and join. The more Club members we have, the more good times we have!

I recently saw a quote reminding me to personally keep these resolutions. I think you’ll recognize the author.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Mark Twain.

Let’s all travel supremely in 2017!