From Gail Smith:

I recently heard from Dave and Deanne Phillips that as they were reading a website that they enjoy online, they discovered the following web site about RVing:  click here .  Please check this site out at your convenience.

So now we are in the spotlight and were singled out as an “RV Travel Club that they like“! We feel this is in part due to the fact that, after many months of hard work and research by our website team, we now have our new website up and running! We are having lots of traffic and many visitors, possibly due to our new location on Google’s search engine list.

Other news, however, is not so good. Two of our members are undergoing lung surgery in the latter part of January–Jim Hoover (on the 23rd) and Carol Butaud (on the 20th). Please keep both of them in your prayers and let them know we are here for them!

Hope to see you all in Bullard, TX in the spring!

Gail Smith, President

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A destination travel club for owners of RV's.

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