2017 Onalaska Rally

Annual Business Meeting in Onalaska

Our rally was great and our host, Past President Dave Phillips along with his wife Wagon Master Deanne Phillips did an outstanding job with the rally. They had several interesting tours and worked hard preparing and serving delicious meals even giving us a choice on the first evening of two spaghetti sauces for a spaghetti “supper” for our opening meeting, Monday, brisket and trimmings on Wednesday evening, and a light meal of baked potato and toppings the night prior to our departure day, Friday. Thank you! The Phillips even found a Louisiana restaurant where their ettoufee was delicious which is saying a lot since we are all use to Marie’s.

We had 12 rigs in attendance and visiting with us at times were past members Terri and Gary Bogle who even brought his party barge for boat rides in the adjoining lake. Members attending were: Hosts Dave and Deanne Phillips, John Brandon, Secretary Susan and Ted Kercher, Bill and Martha Bobo, Paul and Tandy Krugler, Burnel and Marie Moreau, Jim and Tina Hoover, Les and Ida Cook, VP President Jerry and Hessie Smith, President Gail and James Smith, Jack and Linda Bruce and us, Polk and Linda Brian.

We had a few arrive early as usual but most of us came in on Monday. The park was very nice but it seemed the fifth-wheels and tag-alongs had a difficult time getting into their sites due to the curbs and narrow access roads compounded by hilly blind back-up sites. Several of the guys worked hard helping to direct new arrivals get into their spots but when everyone settled in we had a great view of the lake and a nice clean park with a large clubhouse which was glassed across the back and was located next to the water.

Wednesday afternoon we had our Executive Board Meeting and Paul Krugler gave us a very informative talk about metal detection. He had a display of the many varied items he had found from really pretty rings to pipes, locks and money. He had coin books filled with his treasuries and a nice display showing the rings he had found. He shared stores of being able to return college rings and finding his cousin which he called aunt’s “mother” ring which her children gave her. Thanks Paul, job well done.

One of our tours was to an obscure unorthodox rock shop or should I say shops. Mr. Johnson who is in his nineties with the help of his deceased wife amassed enough rocks to fill their yard with petrified tree boulders and to fill 10 shops. His daughter who lives next door helps with the business now and makes jewelry sold in one of the shops.

Two other interesting tours were a prison museum tour and Sam Houston tour both located in Huntsville. We saw ole “Sparky” the electric chair used by the state of Texas years ago for executions of inmates on death row. The tour guide was a past warden and was able to tell many stories of his time with the prisoners even some that happened just before they were given their lethal injection. He was a very good story teller. The tour of the home and surrounding buildings of Sam Houston started off a little rough, because we went to the building at the end of the tour instead of the beginning and had to walk a good distance uphill and down a block to begin the tour. We viewed a short film and then enjoyed the tour guide taking us on our journey to the varied building. Thankfully the temperature wasn’t too hot but it was humid. We were all glad to inter the rotunda which was air-conditioned. It was built first as a place to bury Sam and his wife but neither are buried there. Wings were added which houses many artifacts and scenes telling the life of Sam Houston. Our guide was also well informed and was willing to continue answering questions and telling stories about Sam Houston colorful life and three wives.

During our business meeting President Gail Smith reviewed the many upgrades or changes that occurred during the past year. She reminded members that the newsletter will now be sent by email as an E-Newsletter and if you or your spouse are not receiving it, please let Editor Linda Brian know. She also reminded attendees that the Traveling Supremes web page has been upgraded and that you need to sign-up to receive current notices of new postings and again that your spouse needs to also sign-up so they too will receive it on their own devices. The last announcement was that Web Master John Laninga has placed a TS blog on Facebook. You have to be a Facebook user to be able to log onto the site, but it is a site where you will be able to post pictures or notifications of trips and other informative information. He will be monitoring the site to keep any unacceptable articles or pictures off the Facebook site including James Smith in his Speedo, Gail said.