2016 Glen Rose/Granbury Gathering

Glen Rose, Texas.  April 20 – 24, 2016  Hosts: James and Gail Smith

Eleven rigs and 22 members enjoyed our gathering in Glen Rose, Texas, the Dinosaur Capital of Texas. They were James and Gail Smith (hosts), Jim and Tina Hoover, David and Deanne Phillips and their son and daughter-in-law, Tammy and Darren Phillips, James and Barbara Smith, Harold and Marilyn McEwen, Dwight and Marilyn Winborn, Burnel and Marie Moreau, Joe and Sue Moore, Tandy and Paul Krugler and Ted and Susan Kercher. The hosts want to thank Ted and Susan Kercher, and James and Barbara Smith for their special assistance throughout the gathering.

Arriving a little early, Ted, Susan, James and Gail had one of the best hamburgers in the State at The Green Pickle, downtown Glen Rose. The Paluxy River which runs through the town was out of its banks due to all the recent rains and rushing quickly past us at the Oakdale RV Resort and the Big Rocks Park across the street. Our resident rock hound, Burnel Moreau, enjoyed exploring the area for fossils and rocks, and even found a fabulous specimen—a petrified claw or tooth (maybe from a dinosaur?)

We gathered at “The Hangout” which was our assigned meeting room and decorated it, of course, with toy dinosaurs and info regarding the different types of dinosaurs found in this area of Texas. On Wednesday evening, we opened our gathering with homemade Clam Chowder and Oyster crackers prepared by Gail Smith, with desserts by Barbara Smith and Sue Moore. We were plagued by severe storms overnight on Wednesday, and Thursday early morning, but the weather cleared up and soon was beautiful.

We started the day on Thursday with a French Toast and sausage breakfast prepared by both James Smiths and their wives. We then drove out to Dinosaur Valley State Park, which contains some of the best preserved Sauropod and Theropod dinosaur tracks in the world. Our group was treated to a film, along with several plaster casts of the footprints in the river bed and a talk by Park Ranger Josh. Unfortunately, the actual footprints were under water in the river bed and the river was roaring! The wild flowers, however, were beautiful and the grass and trees were a gorgeous green! We had a lovely picnic in the park for lunch followed by a visit to the nearby Creation Evidence Museum. It was very interesting and proved creation was indeed scientifically more probable than evolution—a very controversial question in our world today. We went out to dinner at Loco Coyote Grill, a very eclectic, rustic place out in the nearby countryside, which served the absolute largest portions any of us had ever seen!

On Friday, some of us availed ourselves of the services of a local RV detailer, who found out about our gathering on our website and asked to come and clean our RV’s while we toured. While he worked, we drove to nearby Fossil Rim Wildlife Park for a 2 hour tour among 1100 animals, 53 species in an 1800 acre park. We each drove through in private autos, having purchased food for the animals to feed them along the way. We saw bison wallowing in a pond (the temps were getting hotter), a giraffe family, antelopes, rhinos, emus, ostrich, deer, audads, gazelle, sandhill crane, turkey, wildebeest, and even several cheetah!. Some had lunch at the Overlook Restaurant, which surveyed the entire valley of Fossil Rim. We later shopped at antique stores around the historic square and in nearby Hico, TX. We drooled at the Pie Peddler (Homemade pies!) Tonight back at the Hangout, we had potluck—yum!

Saturday we drove 20 miles to nearby Granbury, Texas, and explored their famous Historic Town Square. We enjoyed shopping and people watching before eating lunch at Babe’s Chicken House, where the lunch of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, biscuits and gravy, salad and green beans, was served family style. There is no way to finish all the food! Except for Paul Krugler who managed the homemade pie! Back at camp we washed a local group of square and round dancers in full costume.

On Sunday, the rain was forecast again, so we hit the road early for home. Hope to see you all in Vidalia, LA June 6-11, 2016! Travel Supremely!