2016 Chama, NM

Although several members arrived around August 1, we began our gathering activities officially on Sunday, August 14. We had a total of 13 rigs present, as well as several guests. They were Polk and Linda Brian, James and Gail Smith, James and Barbara Smith, Jerry and Hessie Smith, John and Romola Laninga, Tandy and Paul Krugler, Gene and Chris Fisher, Billy and Myrna Braly, Jim and Tina Hoover, Lu and Bill Ward, Louis and Leona Keyser, Marilyn and Dwight Winborn, and Ron and Diane Garner (Gail Smith’s brother and sister-in-law). We also had Angela Goff (Barbara Smith’s sister) and Luda Leksunkin, friend of John and Romola Laninga) as additional guests.

As usual, we got together for a Meet and Greet and enjoyed chili and trimmings provided by James and Gail Smith and volunteers, Marilyn Winborn and Tandy Krugler. Cowboy and Gospel music was provided by a friend from the park, Sarah Coon.

On Monday we had a potluck dinner, followed by our usual drive out to our favorite wildlife viewing road. Some saw two herds of Elk! On Tuesday, Gene Fisher led the men in making breakfast for us girls. We hope to get this tradition “re-established”. We took a short hike from Trujillo Meadows to the Continental Divide for viewing the train as it progressed through the Chama Valley and to take photos. We took a picnic lunch to our favorite Edward Sargent wildlife park. We had to pack up hurriedly, as a rain storm threatened. We are in Monsoon Season here in Chama, so it rains almost every afternoon, but it only makes it seem more like a mountain retreat!

On Wednesday several traveled to Pagosa Springs, CO, to see “Always Patsy Cline” at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. It was very enjoyable!

Some of the group were new to the area, so they took a trip out to Ghost Ranch, Echo Amphitheater and the Christ of the Desert Monastery. It took all day and they were exhausted but very pleased with the adventure. Dinner at the Cliffview Restaurant afterwards was especially good, as they were hungry and the food was the best we have ever had there! Several large buck deer greeted us along the road, and we fed the does by hand. Always a fun time!

Breakfast on Friday provided by Polk and Linda Brian was followed by a train ride to Osier for lunch and back. Saw several hawks, a coyote, a porcupine, lots of deer. A light snack supper finished off the day and the Braleys went to listen to music at High Country with Kim and El Cabrero performing.

We were on our own for touring on Saturday. Some enjoyed Three Ravens Coffee House, the Tierra Wools, and other local establishments. Our usual Steak Night was a success as always. We finished off the week with the Breakfast Buffet at High Country on Sunday morning. Several folks left for home, although others plan to stay through the Artist’s Studio Tour on Labor Day weekend.

We had lots of individual adventures—Chama Days parade, Aztec Ruins, a trip to Santa Fe to see the movie “Hillary’s America”, homemade ice cream, pie at Foster’s, burgers at new Glory Bry’s Taco House, lunch with friends in nearby towns, fly fishing in the Chama River, visiting San Juan Mountain Church (a beautiful church at Horca that looks out on Mt. McIntyre), the men cutting “sticks” for walking canes and many other memories were made. We have been coming to Chama (Sky Mountain RV Resort) now for 8 years, and we still love coming here! Hope you can join us next time.