2015/16 New Years Rally

New Years Rally, San Antonio

The 2016 New Year’s Rally was held at Braunig Lake RV resort located off I-37 just 10 miles south of downtown San Antonio. We were welcomed by Dave Phillips and the rest of the officers on December 30th. We enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken pot pie and salad furnished by the Executive Committee.

Present at the rally were Dave & Deanne Phillips, James & Gail Smith, Jerry & Hessie Smith, Les & Ida Cook, Lou & Carol Butaud, Polk & Linda Brian, Burnel & Marie Moreau, John & Ramola Laninga, Jack & Linda Bruce, Mike & Christine Bruce, Bill & Lu Ward and Jim & Tina Hoover. Also present were Ron & Jill Allen, guests of the Bruces, Curt & Susan Dennis, and Dwight & Marilyn Winborn, guests of the Hoovers. The Dennises and the Winborns joined the club at the rally.

The first night some of us sat outside around the fire. Then, during the night it began to rain and it rained for about 72 hours straight which kept us inside most of the time.

On New Year’s eve the party started! We began the evening with a slide presentation by John & Romola Laninga showing us the highlights of an interesting trip overseas.  After John’s presentation we began the RV olympics which involved everything from balloons to bubble gum contests to help usher in the new year.

On new year’s day we shared a meal of ham and assorted vegetables including black eyed peas of course. That evening some gathered for a friendly game of dominoes.

Article and Pictures Submitted by: Jim Hoover