2015 Michigan, Part 2

Sault St. Marie, MI, Aune Osborne Campground, June 21 – 28, 2015

Hosts: Ken and AnneMarie Wellock

Hosted by Ken and AnneMarie Wellock, the Michigan Supreme Travelers Club held their first “gathering” June 21-28 at Aune Osborn Campground in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, better known as “The Soo”. The campground is located on the St. Mary’s River, and the freighters traveling to and from the locks were so close you could almost touch them.

Although the weather wasn’t perfect, and the black flies, gnats (no see-ums) and mosquitoes were not welcome guests, the week was an enjoyable one with everyone “doing their own thing”. Those attending were Polk and Linda Brian, Burnel and Marie Moreau, Buddy and Maria Rickles, Murray and Thelma Yandt, and for three days Joe and Ardis Schenk and Ron and Carol Page.

As with any gathering, the sights were available to be seen and the group met for meals at various restaurants. A favorite was West Pier for burgers (how big are they?) and, surprisingly, Applebee’s for lunch. Sightseeing attractions included Whitefish Point and Lighthouse, Port Iroquois Lighthouse, De Tour Village, Drummond Island, the Tower of History, the museum ship Valley Camp, the Canadian Bush Plane

Museum in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, and four couples went on the Algoma Central Railroad trip to Agawa Canyon.

The annual event known as Engineers Day was held on June 26, a day on which the public was allowed to walk across the Soo Locks bridges and learn how it all started and continues today. While we were there the Roger Blough, the first 1,000 foot freighter which was built in 1972, was in the locks traveling from Lake Huron to Lake Superior. The freighter, which can carry 700 train car loads of taconite (iron ore pellets), was empty, raised 21 feet to the level of Lake Superior, and possibly heading to Marquette, Michigan or Duluth, Wisconsin. Visitors were also able to tour the Cloverland Hydroelectric Plant which provides power to the area.

All in all, a relaxing time in the Soo, seeing the sights, eating (which we do best) and just enjoying each other’s company.

Submitted by: AnneMarie Wellock