2015 Michigan, Part 1

Sault St. Marie Gathering, June 13 – 20, 2015.  Hosts: Polk and Linda Brian

The Soo Lock gathering began when we crossed the Macinac bridge into the upper peninsula of Michigan. The Soo Lock campground is located on the St. Mary’s river downstream of the Soo Locks. The Brians were there when we (Hoovers) arrived and it turned out that we were the only two rigs on the first leg of the Michigan gatherings. We were glad to be there though as this southern boy had never been that far north and enjoyed the cooler temps that sure beat the hot summer back home. After I had been there a few days, I learned that the people there call themselves “yoopers” a kind of a slang term for people living in the UP or upper peninsula.

On day one we went to the “Tower of History” that was located just down the street from our campground. From the top of the tower you had a birds eye view of Sault St. Marie. Seen here is the hydroelectric plant located on the river. Also visible is the museum ship “Valley Camp”. Since we were that close, we had to take a brief sightseeing trip across the bridge to Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada.

One of the most enjoyable days was our trip to Mackinac island. We caught a ferry out of St. Ignace for the 30 minute ride to the island. There are no motorized vehicles on the island except for emergency vehicles but we never saw any of those. What they do have is horses, wagons and bicycles. We rented a tandem bike and rode the eight miles around the island. This place looks like a postcard!

On a day trip to Whitefish point we went to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. The museum deals with all the shipwrecks on the lakes but had a special focus on the “Edmund Fitzgerald” one of the largest and most recent ships lost with 29 crewmen on board. We also got to see the Whitefish Point light house keeper’s house that has been fully restored.

While up at Whitefish Point we took a little trip to Tahquamenon falls state park. I never did learn how to pronounce the name, but the falls are said to be the second mightiest falls east of the Mississippi after Niagara.  Before we left the area we had to have one of the hamburgers at the famous “West Pier” hamburger stand. This place has our vote for the best burger in town!

We enjoyed our trip to upper Michigan and plan to go back one day. A special thanks to Linda and Polk Brian for hosting this event!