2015 Amish Country

Berlin, Ohio.  July 7 – 13, 2015.  Hosts: Judy and Irby Gamble

Some came early, some left early, and some stayed late. Our hosts, Judy and Irby Gamble often frequent the Holmes County,OH area, and had everything arranged for us. Roger and Charline Odom came early, but had to leave early. All of the rest of the crowd, Jerry and Hessie Smith, Thelma and Murray Yandt, Linda and Polk Brian, Bill and Martha Bobo, and Dave and Deanne Phillips were ready to see the local attractions. Judy and Irby got us indoctrinated into the local area after a Sloppy Joe potluck. Since they were on the way home from extended rallies in Michigan, Linda and Polk headed home a little early.

The Amish community (and Judy and Irby) really love their auctions. Fresh veggies, horses and cows, dairy products, hay, furniture, and about anything else is fair game for the auction block. The buggy parking lot was full. There was plenty of time to view their beautiful yards and gardens and admire their frugality (no electricity).

There was time for a local musical play and the obligatory visit to Mrs. Yoder’s restaurant. There was also ample opportunity for some shopping.

Special thanks to Judy and Irby.  On a final note, since Bill and Martha have a new ride, we put extra pressure on them to join us in Chama.

Submitted by Dave Phillips