2014/15 New Year

River Town Campground, Vicksburg, Mississippi.  December 28, 2014 to January 2, 2015

Hosts: Bobos, Denmon, B. Odoms, R. Odoms, Gambles, and Brians

Sometimes you remember a vacation by the weather you had while there, well that is what we’ll remember about being in Vicksburg, the rain. It was not localized in the area but across the south and continually. We may have had one good rain-free day. We arrived in rain and set-up to leave in the rain. The ground was spongy and we left ruts that couldn’t be avoided. Thankfully our building was dry and adequate for our gathering. But, we still had fun and enjoyed good fellowship with other TS members.

Hopefully, the weather will not be the only thing we remember about this gathering. Some touring was done by a few who had not been there, but the majority found something to do instead of take in the sights of Vicksburg. Most of the ladies enjoyed shopping during the day at the Outlet Mall and Vicksburg’s Mall and especially enjoyed being able to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. Some of the men filled their time with dominos. One day we did meet at Rusty’s Seafood Restaurant to enjoy their specialty, fried green tomatoes with crab meat sauce. The days were open for personal enjoyment but we always met back at the club-house to play dominos or cards.

Since this was a gathering with no one having to cook for the group, each person was responsible for a certain portion of certain meal and it seemed to work well enough so that ladies weren’t cooking pot-luck all the time. We shared our traditional meal of black-eyed peas and cabbage on New Year’s Day and had Dirty Santa on New Year’s Eve with some entertainment so it seemed to all work well for a gathering. We were also treated with the left-over crawfish etoufee which was made by Marie Moreau from our Sponsor’s Rally. Thanks to Ida Cook and Polk Brian for furnishing us with some music and to Gail for skits she coordinated. Also, thanks to the other co-hosts, Denmons, R. Odoms, Bobos, and Gambles for making this a successful New Year’s gathering. We also enrolled new members while at the gathering, Timothy and Wilda Baker who were camping with their daughter in a 2014 Tiffin motor-home and are full-timers.

We enjoyed having David Reed camp with us this time since it has been some time since he has been with us. We had 12 rigs: Phillips, James H. Smiths, Jerry Smiths, Cooks, Gambles, R. Odoms, Denmons, Hoovers, Reed, Moreaus, Bobo and us the Brians.

Linda Brian, Pictures Submitted by: Jim Hoover